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Chucky Juliet Buns

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Chucky Juliet Buns:
Name: Chucky Juliet Buns
Gender: Male
Location: Urbecula, Dizachialand
Birthday: 26 December 34 BSRP
Appears In Generation(s):
Canon Status: Unknown

Chucky was a fat guy who likes eating stuff. He has a show on WBAD Watch Chucky Eat Things. In his art, his belly looks like a circle. He is a popular character. Chucky will eat almost anything. One time he ate TNT and went to the hospital. His middle name is a girl's name because before he was born, his parents thought he would be a girl so they came up with Juliet. When they discovered that he was a boy, they named him "Chucky" but they liked the name "Juliet" so they made his middle name "Juliet". He never cleaned his room since he was 7. The reason Chucky likes to be fat is he always gets confused between fat and muscles. Another fact about Chucky is that he had low intelligence. He has allied with the Bad Crew many times because they always bribed him with Red Chips. He hates Being the actor for Chucky Ducky, Exercising, and Low-Fat food.

Early Life

Chucky's quadrupedal F minus on his failed school paper.

When Chucky was 3 years old, he stole a pack of Red Chips and ate them. Due to the Red Chips containing Trap Vine Oil, he instantly got an addiction to the red chips. When he was 5 years old and entered kindergarten, all his classmates would tease him how fat he is. They would call him names like "Fatty Watty" and "Fat Planet". One time when he was 7 years old, he went to Mr. Fang's Birthday Party (When he was eight) and he ruined it by eating all the cake. As a punishment, his mom made him his slave for a whole year. When his classmates found out about this, they all teased him by calling him "Mr. Fang's Pet". Since he had a low IQ, he would usually get a Quadrupedal F Minus at school. When Chucky was 14 years old, the chiefs at Pizza Mon were looking for a new recipe for their pizzas, they made a competition called "The Pizza Competition of 1989". Chucky entered the contest and so did his mom, Chucky made a pizza with a simple topping; pepperoni and cheese. Chucky's mom's pizza was much more advanced and she won 1st place. Chucky did not win at all, in a matter of fact he was in the last place. He did such a bad job in making the pizza, he got a Tut. He lived with his mom until he was 40 years. Shortly after this, he married Jupitia.

Known Favorite things


Eating, Dating Martha, Red Chips, Baby Flush Down The Toliet, Obesity, being the host for Watch Chucky Eat Things, infomercials about food, Zippy The Clown Show, birthdays

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